Weight Loss Supplements for Dogs, Really?

I have to say I was surprised the other day when I heard an ad on the radio for a weight loss supplement for dogs.  Have we really become such a push button society that there really is a market for a product like this? With the rather rare exception of a legitimate medical condition causing weight gain (like hypothyroidism), the solution to a dog that needs to lose weight is very simple. - the dog needs to eat less and move more.  Generally, speaking dogs are unable to feed themselves.  They aren't giving themselves an extra helping or two of dog food.  They aren't binge eating at 3 am, raiding the fridge for that last piece of cheesecake. And they can't choose how much they exercise. Like humans an overweight dog should lose weight gradually, a healthy rate of weight for a dog to lose is about 0.5-2 % of their body weight per week.  Additionally, a "low-fat" diet isn't necessarily required for the dog to lose weight, likely an adjusted proportion of a quality food is sufficient.  So if your dog needs to lose weight, consult your veterinarian for recommendations on reducing the dog's food intake and increasing exercise.  Weigh the dog regularly to gauge progress and leave the canine weight loss supplements on the proverbial shelf!