E. Zekial, TDI, CGC, RL1, NJC, O-NAC, O-NGC, GS-N, aka Zeke

March 1997 - June 27, 2009

  • Therapy Dog: Visited senior citizen homes and loved showing off his tricks for the residents.
  • Reformed dog aggressive and fearful aggressive dog adopted from a mixed-breed rescue.
  • Competitor at the 2002 AMBOR Mixed-breed Agility Nationals
  • Agility and Obedience Competitor

Explanation of Titles: 

  • TDI: Therapy Dog - Enjoyed visiting seniors in nursing homes 
  • CGC: Canine Good Citizen title awarded to dogs proving they have sufficient training to be polite with people and dogs and can complete obedience tasks under distraction. (See our class descriptions for more information on the CGC title requirements)
  • RL1: Rally Level 1 obedience title
  • NJC: Novice Jumpers Certificate agility title
  • O-NAC: Outstanding Novice Agility Certificate agility title
  • O-NGC: Outstanding Novice Gamblers Certificate agility title
  • GS-N: Novice Agility Title
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