Vom Grafenauer Unbridled Enthusiam, RATI, RATN,  aka Giddy is the newest addition to our family! Pictured below at 8 weeks old with big brother Creek. And at 15 months old (on the right) also with big brother Creek.


Vom Grafenauer Unbridled Enthusiam, RATI, RATN

Giddy is currently competing in barn hunting and training for agility and obedience.

  • RATN, Barn Hunting Novice Title - requires the dog to search an area of straw bales and find a hidden rat.  The dog must qualify at the novice level 3 times.
  • RATI, Barn Hunting Instinct Certificate - requires the dog to identify which of 3 PVC tubes contains a live rat.
Creek HIT Giddy Nov Title.jpg